CBSE Affiliated School
Aff no 1730629
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The School

mentor international school

The Curriculum

Mentor International School has a CBSE curriculum which is not only stimulating and relevant to the 21st Century, but also extremely precise in its approach. Tried, tested and accepted for entrance to universities not only in India but other countries also. Its curriculum is extremely focused on student's overall development. CBSE not only builds upon the students' intellect, but helps to develop each and every aspect of their persona - laying the foundation for their growth into intellectually brilliant individuals, and into noble human beings.
Mentor International School also recognizes that learning is an ongoing process. Our curriculum lays emphasis on this, through its innovative assessment and recognitions. That's not all; our curriculum has been devised keeping in mind the requiremrnts of students from different backgrounds. Significant steps in this regard include our special programmes conducted by specialist teachers who run parallel courses for students from non-English Backgrounds.

Creative Activities

Theatre, Art, Drama and Music form an integral part of the Primary and Middle Years Programmes. Grades 6 to 8 participate in the same through club activities and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). We encourage every student to explore their creativity and to present and perform. They are offered opportunities through regular assemblies, workshop productions and major public productions. In addition to these, we also invite established artists to present their work at the school.


At Mentor, Student are encouraged to take part in sports activities - for enjoyment, relaxtion and exercise, and also as a positive aid to their educational development and the formation of their sense of selfworth. Team sports are played on an inter-house basis and against other schools. The faculty includes first class coaches for many sports and we set out to defeat the opposition with skill and good humour. Every student and every member of staff who represents Mentor is seen as an ambassador of the school. Players are encouraged to be on time, to dress appropriately and tidily, and to exhibit the ture spirit of sportsmanship-both on and off the field.