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Principal Massage


Namaskar. It is a truth universally acknowledged that "The Test of Fire FINE STEEL. Here at Mentor International School following the Motto ' TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA' - (leading from darkness to light), We firmly and religiously belive that the CHILD is a mirror of the family ; as the SUN is reflected in a drop of water, so the moral purity of the Mother and the Father is reflected in the child and then it is the noble work of the School and the Perents to give every child happiness and restore an earnest open smile on his/her face.

We shall always endeavor to make your child discover his/her abilities, learn to love labour, to work creatively, to be able to enjoy the ceaseless beauty of the world around and create BEAUTY forothers also. This is in keeping with the First Commandment of Education i.e to awaken in their hearts a feeling of PRIDE and PERSONAL DIGITY.

Let us work together with Hand-in-Hand to achieve the goal.

Dileep Kumar Sharma